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Structural Mechanics Simulation with ANSYS Mechanical


Of all Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) solutions, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has gained tremendous importance in R&D across different industrial sectors for structural applications. However for those engineers embarking on FEA, or companies adopting the technique to improve designs or achieve certification of new products, there is a steep learning curve to overcome. Therefore, CADFEM has started a Structural Mechanics course with the aim of promoting the effective and reliable use of FEA, aiming at a fine balance between basic theoretical background that guides the tool and its application.

This course gives participants, a comprehensive knowledge with respect to geometry preparation for analysis using ANSYS DesignModeler and lays the foundation for performing structural mechanics simulation with ANSYS Mechanical.

Target Audience

Suitable targets for this course are the engineering graduates, designers or simulation engineers who would like to start or switch to simulations using ANSYS Workbench. This course will enable them achieve a solid foundation in FEA and impart the necessary practical skills to carry out robust, reliable and efficient simulations in their everyday professional life.

Contents of the CADFEM ATC Training Structural Mechanics Simulation with ANSYS Mechanical

ANSYS DesignModeler

  • Introduction

    • ANSYS Workbench
    • DesignModeler


  • Modeling

    • Working with Planes and Sketches
    • 3D Modeling
    • Workshop: Plastic Manifold
    • Workshop: Ball Value


  • Geometry Defeaturing

    • Automatic Repair
    • Information transfer between CAD & FEM
    • Geometry Preparation


    • Parametrization and Optimization
    • Offshore Construction (beam) Simulation


ANSYS Mechanical

  • ANSYS Workbench / Software handling

    • Introduction to FEM
    • Demonstrator (live)
    • Workbench Project Page
    • Material Definition
    • Objects and their properties
    • Coordinate Systems
    • Mechanical software handling
    • Named Selection Worksheet

  • Discretization/ Theory

    • Element size of thin Structures
    • Geometry Preparation
    • Global Mesh Settings
    • Local Mesh Settings
    • Mesh based simplification

  • Boundary Conditions / FE-Idealization

    • Introduction to Boundary Conditions
    • Deformation-Boundary Conditions
    • Remote Points
    • Nodal Coordinate Systems
    • Introduction to Nonlinear Statics
    • Load-Boundary Conditions
    • Inertial Loads
    • Nonlinear Boundary Conditions-Contact

  • Evaluation of Results

    • Evaluation of Results
    • Adaptive Mesh Refinement
    • Singularities
    • Evaluation in Cylindrical Coordinates
    • Construction Geometry - Path Evaluation
    • Probes
    • Submodeling
    • Computation of large Models (HPC)


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Your start in the world of simulation

Your start in the world of simulation

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