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Training 2.1 Simulation of magnetic fields with ANSYS Maxwell

Target audience

This seminar is aimed at anyone who wants to go into the simulation of electromagnetic and electromechanical applications. The simulation of inductive components for power transmission and signal conditioning in ANSYS Maxwell is practiced in practical applications such as transformers and coils. Another component of the seminar teaches the modelling of an electromechanical converter, as motors, sensors and actuators (solenoids, folding relay) are examined.

Contents of the Training 2.1

Basics of simulation of electromagnetic fields

  • Theoretical foundations (Maxwell's equations)
  • Introduction to FEM
  • Potential formulation and field sizes
  • Typical applications and operating principles


Introduction to the magnetostatic field simulation

  • User interface, geometry creation, Material Handling
  • Constraints, network design, simulation, analysis
  • Parametric Simulation: target, approach, evaluation
  • Example: force-displacement characteristic of a solenoid


Eddy current calculations

  • Skin-Effect, proximity effect
  • Constraints, simulation, analysis
  • Special features of the mesh generation for eddy current tasks
  • Example: impedance determination and losses in the transformer


Transient field simulation

  • Constraints, Meshing
  • Time and Motion - Setup for translation and rotation, External Circuit
  • Simulation and evaluation
  • Example: switching behaviour of a solenoid
  • Example: loss calculation of a permanently excited synchronous machine


Special features of the simulation of sensors

  • Meshing for determination of high resolution field size
  • Convergence of nonlinear tasks
  • Example: characteristic of an MR sensor 


Special features of the simulation of permanent magnets

  • Magnetization
  • Demagnetization
  • Considering thermal effects for demagnetization
  • Example: performance of a permanent-magnet synchronous machine



Electromagnetics, Electro-mechanical, Magnetostatics, sensors, actuators, coils, transformers, eddy current

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Your start in the world of simulation

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