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The international CAE network

The global network TechNet Alliance consists of about 55 independent companies in the simulation industry located in more than 25 countries. As founding member and driving force behind the network, we have strong ties with these companies around the globe. As a result, we have direct access to the expertise of more than 1,000 CAE experts from a wide range of specialized areas and issues.

The TechNet Alliance includes notable CAE providers, simulation customers, and sought-after service providers from other industries. This includes honorary members who made a name for themselves in simulation. Every membership is preceded by a personal invitation. We know new members even before they are accepted and can recommend them to our customers without reservation as a service provider.

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Network benefits for our customers

When very specific knowledge or a particular depth of expertise is requested, we can provide you with just the right contacts. The TechNet Alliance covers a wide range of industries, like automotive, civil engineering, air and space travel, and the oil and gas industry. We can also offer extensive knowledge in analysis and simulation, from FEM and CFD to FSI and MBS.

Our network partners offer a variety of tested software, including special solutions for your very special applications. We have a good overview of the products offered and are happy to advise you.

Whether for CAE training or consulting, whether in Europe, Asia, North America, or South America, regardless of where you need a specialist and what for. We connect you with specialists on whom you can rely.

We have professional partners both at home and abroad who can assist you with product marketing and market launch. There are also helpful services like printing and media design, advertising and trade show construction, legal and tax advising, and certification.

Your start in the world of simulation

Your start in the world of simulation

  • Introduce simulation safely
  • 4 steps to be operational
  • Accompaniment throughout the process


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