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Driving Innovation through Simulation

In this competitive business environment today, coming up with new, wide range of innovations in real quick time is key for an organisation to stay ahead in the competition.  A decade ago, we couldn’t have imagined the range of smart products and intelligent functionality that we now take for granted. The merging of physical products with the digital world has transformed both our personal lives and the global engineering industry. Product developers are faced with enormous, extremely complex design challenges every day, as they seek to combine the rich features demanded by consumers with the cost concerns of shareholders — all while racing to beat the competition to market with the newest innovation.

Fortunately, in this race to innovate, engineering teams have access to advanced technology solutions that are designed to drive faster, more pioneering and more cost-aware product development. Engineering Simulations help widen the door for variety of innovations where engineers can evaluate the performance of the product right at the design stage enabling complete virtual prototypes of complex systems to be validated across all physics and engineering disciplines.

Today, engineering simulations are being applied in exciting new ways, facilitating such best practices as digital exploration, digital prototyping and the digital twin.


JOIN US to be a part of this Innovation Conference to experience the capabilities and applications of the latest ANSYS technologies and the state of art Engineering Simulation solutions.


CADFEM – The leader in providing Engineering Simulation solutions for the last 35+ years, is organizing this event with an intention to promote the benefits of Innovation through Simulation Driven Product development in India. We always believe SIMULATION IS MORE THAN SOFTWARE.

Register today to reserve your spot !


In this Event you will witness how Innovative Simulation technologies have penetrated almost all industries including Automotive, Electronic, Energy, Healthcare, Pharma, Chemical etc. We believe that the Next Generation Pervasive-Engineering-Simulations have already made its mark; enhancing efficiency, precision and safety of the products. This gives a tremendous opportunity to experiment to bring out the best product, reducing time and expenditure.

Get a chance to meet CADFEM team and ANSYS peers along with the like-minded professionals to enhance your knowledge about the Simulation Driven Product Development and its’ implementation. And of course! You will get a chance to enrich your network meeting top industry leaders from various sectors.

  • Know the Power of Innovations through Simulation Driven Product Development to develop next-generation products 
  • Learn how Simulation enables to explore multiple design variations without spending money and time on physical prototypes
  • Witness a fundamental transformation in engineering and product development. 
  • Learn how to fast-track your simulation process with various ANSYS products
  • Witness the latest Simulation Technology Updates and demonstration of best in class CAE tools
Who Should Attend ?
  • CXO, HOD executives from Design and Engineering units
  • Technologists from R&D and manufacturing teams in top notch Manufacturing Companies
  • Simulation engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Research Scholars working on New Product Development

For Bengaluru :

bangalore agenda updated

For Hyderabad : 

hyderabad agenda updated

Welcome to the World of Simulation


We look forward to welcome you at the event. Let’s find out the best practices, methodologies, and innovations that can help you to stay ahead in the competition with the help of Next-Gen Simulation techniques.


CADFEM is one of the pioneers in implementing Numerical Simulations in Product Development. CADFEM is the oldest & largest channel partner of ANSYS in the world. Because software alone does not guarantee simulation success, CADFEM always believed “Simulation is more than Software”.

Visit us at For more information write to or call us at +91 984999 8435.

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