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To provide technical know-how to every engineer, CADFEM India organizes CADFEM Technical Webinar Series on a variety of topics and tools. You can check this place for more Upcoming Webinars and Access the Webinar Recordings of the previous Webinars

Upcoming Webinars (Register Now) – 

Healthcare Webcast series by CADFEM

Previous Webinars (Access Recordings) –

  1. Webinar on Improvising Food Processing Equipment Design Using Simulations
  2. Simulation of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings using Tribo-X inside ANSYS
  3. Design Variation & Optimization using ANSYS optiSLang
  4. Antenna Design & Placement Analysis using ANSYS HFSS
  5. Understanding Hardware Selection for High-Performance Computing
  6. Robust Design Optimization with optiSLang
  7. ANSYS AIM – Simulation for Every Engineer
  8. Modeling Spray dynamics with ANSYS
  9. Robust Signal Integrity with ANSYS Tools
  10. ANSYS Topology Optimization
  11. Compression and Visualization of Simulation Files
  12. Tips for Robust Meshing of Solid bodies in ANSYS Mechanical
  13. Electromagnetic Modeling and Analysis of a Transformer using ANSYS
  14. Fatigue Assessment in ANSYS WB with FKM and FKM Weld
  15. Simulations are Now Accessible to Every Engineer
  16. Assessing and Improving the Bulk Material Handling Practices with Rocky DEM Simulations
  17. Data Analysis using ANSYS optiSLang
  18. Strength Assessment with FKM inside ANSYS
  19. Parameter Identification with optiSLang
  20. Using ANSYS Remote Solve Manager (RSM) in ANSYS Workbench
  21. Engineering Simulations for Pharmaceutical Drug Substance Formulations
  22. Instantaneous Simulation Results with Discovery Live
  23. Simulation in Pharmaceutical Equipment Design
  24. Bolt Assessment inside ANSYS – Systematic calculation of highly stressed bolted joints according to VDI 2230
  25. End-to-end Simulation based development of Electric Drives with Motor-CAD
  26. CFD-DEM coupled simulations using RockyDEM and ANSYS Fluent
  27. Numerical Analysis of Electric Motor Noise
  28. MoldSim NL Inside ANSYS


CADFEM is one of the pioneers in implementing Numerical Simulations in Product Development. CADFEM is the oldest & largest channel partner of ANSYS in the world. Because software alone does not guarantee simulation success, CADFEM always believed “Simulation is more than Software”.

Visit us at For more information write to or call us at +91 984999 8435.

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