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Improvising Food Processing Equipment Design using Simulations

DATE: 3rd March 2020 | TIME: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM IST


Simulation for food processing & packaging industries

Process engineers in food industries face difficulties, such as optimizing process capacity and efficiency, minimizing wear and maintenance shutdowns, enhancing mixing and homogeneity, and eliminating particulate degradation and erosion.

This webinar shows how high-fidelity particle simulation can be used to address these problems, providing insight into granular flow behavior with accurate particle representation.. 


Meet Our Speaker

Mr. Ishan Vyas

Application Engineer

Mr. Ishan has completed his bachelors in Chemical Engineering with minors in Material Science. He is currently associated with CADFEM as an Application Engineer in the CFD and DEM domain. He holds an experience primarily in the areas of applications related to Chemical, pharma, oil and gas industry involving both CFD and DEM codes. The Simulation of Chemical processes implementing DEM for New product development deeply interests him. He is an avid reader and loves Adventure sports.

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Simulation for Food Processing & Packaging

What will you learn from this webinar?

  • You will gain insight into how Rocky DEM’s realistic particle shape and multiphysics integration.
  • How ANSYS tools enable conceptual device testing?
  • How to reduce the number of lab-tested prototypes?
  • How to minimize the development time and cost?



CADFEM is one of the pioneers in implementing Numerical Simulations in Product Development. CADFEM is the oldest & largest channel partner of ANSYS in the world. Because software alone does not guarantee simulation success, CADFEM always believed “Simulation is more than Software”.

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