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CADFEM Lunch & Learn for Valves


Enhance the strength, quality, standards with Next-Gen Simulation techniques



CADFEM is one of the pioneers in implementing Numerical Simulations in Product Development. CADFEM ANSYS simulation will help you to overcome the challenges in enhancing the valve equipment design & performance. Join the Lunch & Learn and enhance the processing capabilities of your valve equipment design & performance.


Valves are a vital part of almost every operation that includes fluid flow. Designing valves can be quite complex because they need to operate reliably for long periods in often adverse conditions and under exacting specifications. ANSYS technology for control systems can help the engineers to simulate and improve the performance of any valve — at an incredible level of detail. Curious to know how?

join with us for the lunch & learn


Understanding the Impact of simulation for valve industries

How to Enhance the valves performance?

High Fidelity Fluid structural interaction (FSI) for Valves

wHY simulation

  • Design & Test your Valve swiftly & accurately.
  • Costs Savings: No Prototypes required at the design phase
  • Reduce Development Time
  • Improve Engineering Decisions

who can attend?

  • Design Engineers
  • R&D Head of the department
  • Project managers
  • Technical Engineers
  • Project Engineers


CADFEM Lunch & Learn for valve industries

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CADFEM is one of the pioneers in implementing Numerical Simulations in Product Development. CADFEM is the oldest & largest channel partner of ANSYS in the world. Because software alone does not guarantee simulation success, CADFEM always believed “Simulation is more than Software”.

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