Manufacturing Sector in India is experiencing steep growth than ever before. This might be due to multiple factors; Larger market, ‘Make in India’ promotion, huge skilled workforce. Large Multi-National Organizations are looking at India as their first choice to set up their R&D Centers.

As per a research on Indian Manufacturing Sector –

•        Gross Value Added at basic prices based at current prices was expected at US$ 388.01 bn in 2017-18E

•        It is estimated to had grown at a CAGR of 4.34% between FY12 and FY18

•        It is also estimated to grow six-fold by 2025, to $1 trillion, while creating up to 90 million domestic jobs.


This bolsters the Simulation Driven Product Development in India. The usage of advanced tools like ANSYS will improvise your designs and assists in developing a better product. Currently, many organizations/individuals were not aware (or) do not have access to this advanced technology. Successful implementation of these tools will assist in developing innovative products, stay ahead in the competition and gain precious customer satisfaction.

In your network, if you identify any organization/individual are struggling with design failures, poor product performance, expensive maintenance costs (or) looking for more innovation in product. You can extend your helping hand by introducing them to CADFEM India.

At CADFEM our experienced engineers will reach to the organization/individual, understand their business goals & struggles. Based on the info, our team will design a road-map to help them in improving their manufacturing process at a lower cost, in a shorter timeline and to attain greater innovation. In addition, become a part of CADFEM Referral Program and earn an exciting incentive for your valuable introduction.


CADFEM Offerings Include –

  • ANSYS – World leader in Engineering Simulation Software Provider with tools in the entire breadth of Physics
  • optiSLang – An advanced tool to perform Robust Design Optimization & Stochastic Analysis
  • Rocky DEM – The Exclusive tool for Bulk Material Handling & Particle Simulations
  • CADFEM Consulting Services – Accompany and Support in all matters – with comprehensive services so that they can reap the benefits of Simulation


Tap into your network, identify the organization/individual involved in developing next-gen products. Understand if they are facing any problems.


Refer the organization/individual to CADFEM India to introduce them to Simulation Driven Product Development. Become a part of CADFEM Referral Program


On the successful sale of the product to the referee, you will be entitled to an exciting incentive and many more prizes.

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