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Healthcare Webcast Series

Simulation Tech Symposium 2020 by CADFEM & ANSYS
CADFEM ANSYS Certified Elite Channel Partner

WEBINAR: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) devised to Comfort Breathing in the COVID-19 Adversity

Date: 27th May, Wednesday

Time: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM IST

Venue: Online

During the beyond alarming health crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, breathing aids are an acute necessity where sanitization and the availability cannot be compromised. Physics-based simulations can elegantly enable crucial design decisions about shielding the further spread of the infection from patients receiving respiratory care mostly by mechanical ventilation. Imperatively, it is also required to design the ventilation system to deliver critical life support to the patient. Simulation-based optimization can accelerate the release of working models for patient welfare in this context. For instance, CFD simulations can evaluate the efficiency of ventilation delivered when a COVID-19 victim wears a mask to prevent aerosol transport due to coughing or sneezing provoking a severe infectious transmission. Accounting for the porosity, filtration efficiency of the mask, CFD can also provide resourceful insights on the sensitivity for particle entrapment. Along with such simulation-based therapeutic planning, this webinar also discusses the advantages of simulations to understand the heat and mass transfer in the incubators, deployed for critical neonate care. Parametric optimization for product design for nebulizers and MDIs will be presented as well through the session. Furthermore, the focus shall also be to demonstrate simulation compliance for the WHO standards in these applications.


  • Enabling Physics based simulations.
  • Accelerating the release of working models for patient welfare using Simulation based optimization.
  • Resourceful insights on the sensitivity for particle entrapment.
  • Advantages of Simulations to understand the heat and mass transfer in the incubators deployed for critical neonate care.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) devised to comfort breathing in the Covid-19 adversity

Who Should Attend?

  • Design Engineers
  • R&D Head of the department
  • Project managers
  • Technical Engineers
  • Project Engineers

About Speaker:

Mr. Santhosh Manepally
Mr. Santhosh Manepally

Mr. Santhosh Manepally is a technologist specializing in the domains of Finite Element Method (FEM), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Discrete Element Method (DEM). With his educational background and industrial experience directed from such themes of Applied Computational Mechanics (ACM) he enjoys expertise in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry vertical through the consulting and mentoring associations he has and continues to have with elite customers in these fields within and outside India. He’s instrumental in evangelizing the right value proposition of simulation adoption within the healthcare industry.

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