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WEBINAR: CFD-DEM coupled simulations using RockyDEM and ANSYS Fluent

Today, simulation as part of a digitization strategy fosters innovation in process engineering. Many processes such as separating, sorting, orienting, filtering, sieving, mixing, coating, drying, crushing, packing, and transporting can be analysed, improved, and optimized by using a particle simulation tool which is based on the Discrete Element Method (DEM).


Unit operations in various industries often involve multi-phase flows. We encounter them in slurry transport and fluidized bed in Oil and Gas, pneumatic conveying in pharmaceutical industry, classifiers on mining industry, and the list goes on.  The key to simulate these types of flows is to have a good resolution of the flow with good prediction of forces on the particles. ANSYS Fluent simulates the flow with best in class accuracy and RockyDEM can predict motion of particles based on the flow condition with great accuracy due to good integration with ANSYS Fluent. This webinar will throw some light on the applications where CFD-DEM coupled simulation can be used.

CFD DEM Coupled Simulations

Date: 7th August 2019

Time: 11:30 AM


Topics Covered:

  • Brief Introduction to the Coupling phenomenon
  • Simulation set-up required for CFD-DEM coupled simulation
  • Discrete element method basics
  • Applications where CFD-DEM coupling can help.

Key Take Aways:

  • How to incorporate CFD-DEM coupled simulation in process equipment development.
  • Virtual prototyping of processing equipment.
  • Troubleshooting issues plant level issues with CFD-DEM coupled simulation.
  • Reducing wear in processing equipment.


SPEAKER: Mr. Ishan Vyas

Mr. Ishan has completed his bachelors in Chemical Engineering with minors in Material Science. He is currently associated with CADFEM as an Application Engineer in the CFD and DEM domain. He holds an experience primarily in the areas of applications related to Chemical, pharma, oil and gas industry involving both CFD and DEM codes. The Simulation of Chemical processes implementing DEM for New product development deeply interests him. He is an avid reader and loves Adventure sports.



CADFEM is one of the pioneers in implementing Numerical Simulations in Product Development. CADFEM is the oldest & largest channel partner of ANSYS in the world. Because software alone does not guarantee simulation success, CADFEM always believed “Simulation is more than Software”.

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