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ANSYS for Electromechanics (NF)

The ANSYS Maxwell program package is one of the leading solutions for electromechanical simulation applications in the low frequency range. With ANSYS Maxwell, the electromagnetic properties of different components that play a role in many industrial products can be quickly and precisely analyzed and optimized. The powerful solver is available for 3D and 2D magnetic transient, electromagnetic, magneto-static, electrostatic, and electro-transient tasks. Important field parameters, including strength variables, torque, electrical capacities, inductivities, resistances, and impedances are determined.

As a result, the user can characterize the non-linear transient movement of electromechanical components and their influence on the control circuit and the control system. If the comprehensive electromagnetic field simulation is linked intelligently with controlling and system simulation software, then the performance of an electromechanical system can be understood and improved in a very early development stage and long before the creation of the first prototypes - a clear advantage to bringing innovative solutions to market-readiness quickly and efficiently.

View the videos below for guidelines and best-practices on how to perform electromechanical simulations with ANSYS.

Development process for an electrical machine with simulation

Complete product simulation in the development of a washing machine

Simulation of permanently excited electric machines with ANSYS Maxwell.

ANSYS Maxwell - the standard for electromagnetic simulations

ANSYS info package for Electromechanics (NF)

The ANSYS info package for electromechanics (NF) gives you a fast and comprehensive view of how ANSYS promotes your development processes: The leading simulation technology helps you to develop innovative and reliable products quickly and economically.

We have compiled the following information for you:

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Your start in the world of simulation

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