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Particle simulation for particles and bodies

ROCKY DEM (DEM= Discrete Element Modeling) is software from ESSS, one of the large simulation specialists from Brazil, and Granular Dynamics International, a US firm of experts in DEM calculation with 30 years of experience. ROCKY DEM provides precise prediction of particle behavior for granular and fluid systems in which media flows, energy absorption rates, and particle breakage are analyzed. ROCKY can help understand processes and make specific improvements anywhere that a large quantity of particles and bodies, regardless of size, form, material, and adhesion strength, are put in motion in mixing, pouring, sliding, and flowing processes.

These improvements include measures for optimizing the movement process of the mass, like minimizing material loss, or avoiding or suppressing dust build-up. They also provide important information to structure the peripheral products more efficiently, for example increasing the service life of conveyor belts and other components.

ROCKY DEM can optimize agitator mills, SAG mills, crushers, and high-pressure grinding rolls. The particle spectrum ranges from small synthetic parts to tablets to gravel.


With ROCKY for ANSYS, the particle simulation is enhanced with important structural and fluid mechanical information. This is achieved through complete integration into ANSYS Workbench. The compact and user-friendly user interface from ROCKY for ANSYS ensures simple installation and operation. CAD geometries can also be imported quickly and easily.

ROCKY for ANSYS Mechanical

With ROCKY, various combinations of shape, size, adhesion (adhesion strength) can be created and mixed with clear particle definitions. For example, mining companies can effectively manage the challenges they face with regard to operating costs, process optimization, and liability risk through the use of the high-performance simulation solution resulting from linking ANSYS Mechanical and ROCKY.

ROCKY for ANSYS Fluent

ROCKY for ANSYS Fluent is fully integrated into the ANSYS Workbench environment and offers engineers the option of linked analysis and simulation of particles and liquid together with other physical domains. Such a link can be disengaged by using one-way or two-way integration.

The linked DEM (Discrete Element Modeling) – CFR (Computational Fluid Dynamics) approach is a promising alternative to modeling granular and liquid systems that expands the palette of linked fluid-particle processes with numerical simulations. Complex phenomena like pneumatic conveyance, granular drying, silt flow in mills, as well as chemical reactions between particles and liquids can be simulated and analyzed with these powerful tools.

Custom-tailored to the needs of industry, both for single and multi-phase simulations and with one-way and two-way linking between Rocky and ANSYS Fluent. 


ROCKY DEM in action

The YouTube channel for the software offers a good overview of different applications for ROCKY DEM. More than 10 videos show the variety of possible uses for particle simulations in practical application and give a general impression of the workflow.

ROCKY DEM product website

Manufacturer ESSS has compiled detailed information about ROCKY DEM on the product website. ESSS, the largest engineering firm in South America specializing in numerical simulations, ANSYS ELITE Channel Partner, and member of the TechNet Alliance, works together in close cooperation with CADFEM.

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Your start in the world of simulation

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