The Decade That Was …

In the CADFEM Journal (previously Infoplaner; in German), an announcement was made in the first issue of 2007 about the commencement of India business. This March, CADFEM Engineering Services India (CADFEM India) celebrates its 10th birthday – a decade in business. The company started out as a four person team with the vision that it could help customers in India recognize and realize the benefits of simulation-driven product development. 10 years on, the company has evolved into a confident engineering business, with over 50 colleagues, that has helped hundreds of engineers to realize their product promise.

The Decade That Was …

During this time so much has changed. The world has got smaller, faster and ever more changing. Technology has both been an enabler and a challenge to small businesses and large enterprises alike. As a responsible business, the company’s constant endeavour has been to offer customers the best-in-class solutions to their engineering problems. Today CADFEM India is proud to have gained trust from several local and global companies whose engineers rely on its products, services and know-how on a daily basis.

CADFEM India is a strong channel partner to ANSYS in India by offering the full range of physics (structural, fluids and electronics) across India. This partnership is helping CADFEM increase the rate of adoption of simulation in the country. The organization is structured towards providing and supporting customers with ANSYS software. Today the company has more than 40 engineers comprising of the core technical team, sales and marketing that engage customers in multiple areas of engineering analysis. The team is highly skilled to offer training programs for novices and experienced engineers on a plethora of engineering topics. Several customers, with origins in Germany, are long standing customers of CADFEM in India. CADFEM is the preferred simulation partner for customers owing the nature of strong and high-quality support. Deepak Joseph, the Head of Development (Truck) at Knorr-Bremse Technology Center India, and his team in Pune have been recipients of CADFEM’s technical support regularly. While thanking CADFEM for offering “extended support” to his team, Deepak recently said that CADFEM ”helped us understand ways to achieve accuracy.”

Listing of milestones of CADFEM India

All tools which are critical for success

CADFEM India offers several complementary solutions such as optiSLang (of Dynardo GmbH), Rocky DEM (particle simulations) and simulation-ready hardware. Since engineering simulation requires more than just software, CADFEM India supplies all the tools which are critical for success in simulation – all from one source. As a result, customers in India not only benefit by receiving leading software and IT-solutions, but also obtain support, consultancy and transfer of know-how. The core philosophy ingrained within every colleague is to ensure that customers realize the most return of their simulation investment. Dynardo’s CEO, Dr. Johannes Will, says “Over the last 7 years, CADFEM India has become an important partner for Dynardo to serve the optiSLang business in India as well as to support the Dynardo consulting activities. I personally enjoy that relationship and look forward to intensify the joint business success over the next years.” Since 2011, CADFEM India has organized the Indian edition of the Weimar Optimization & Stochastic Days. In 2016, over 80 attendees came together to discuss the topics of optimization and robust design for sixth year in a row.

In addition to the software business, many customers consider CADFEM India as a reliable engineering consulting partner. Several customers choose to contact CADFEM to seek simulation on demand. CADFEM India’s Managing Director, Madhukar Chatiri says that “this offers a good opportunity for us to demonstrate the power of ANSYS to the customer.” Over the years, CADFEM has solved many engineering problems in automotive, aerospace, consumer appliances, rotating machinery, watches, food & beverage and many more industries. One such example of a strong customer relationship is with Traunreut-based Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH (BSH). For over two years from 2008, BSH worked intensively with two engineers from CADFEM India. As a result, there has been a strong partnership between BSH and CADFEM India. Speaking about this, Dan Neumayer, Head of Pre-Development at BSH said “we could have a mutual cultural understanding and a common way of thinking and working. This intensive learning forms a particularly important basis for our long-term cooperation and we see this as one fundamental success factor.”

Group Photo in the decade that was
Mrs. & Mr. Guenter Mueller while visiting CADFEM India in 2015
esocaet program starts in September 2017

One of the top most challenges for employers in India is the low number of engineers skilled with simulations. To bridge this demand-supply gap, CADFEM India has invested in ANSYS Authorized Training Centre that started in September 2015; over 50 engineers have graduated from this centre. Furthermore, CADFEM has partnered with PES University in Bangalore to bring the much-acclaimed esocaet Master Program in Applied Computational Mechanics to India. The esocaet program offers tremendous opportunities to engineers for continuous learning. The first course will begin in September 2017.

CADFEM India has been operationally profitable since many years – this has allowed the company to scale its investments in India consistently. The company has a long-term orientation, offers employees a lot of independence but functions as a responsible partner to customers. This allows the company to respond with agility to the dynamic needs of the market.

The company has geared up for the next decade of business in the Indian subcontinent. Having recognized the needs of the market, the company is betting big in the areas of Additive Manufacturing, Electronics and Digital Cities. CADFEM India has made another significant investment into the newest partner of CADFEM International – CADFEM SEA Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

In 2016, the company was recognized as one of the 20 Most Promising Engineering & Design Solution Providers in India by the popular CIO Review magazine. Madhukar still fondly recalls the day when he formulated the vision for the Indian business in his mind. He adds “What a journey it has been for many of us! While waiting for our connecting flight at Mumbai airport, Guenter Mueller discussed the idea of a joint company in India. We thank our customers and partners for choosing to work with us. It has been and is our pleasure to serve the engineering market in India in the past decade.”

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Happy New Year – 2017!

2017 is here! Happy New Year, everyone.

2016 has gone by, and we are extremely thankful to our customers and partners for a fantastic year.

For many of us who are involved in sales, support and services structured around products of ANSYS, Inc.  had a great year. Release 17 was a very important release that helped our customers to perform their jobs faster and with greater accuracy.  With Christmas gone by, I hope that Santa has rewarded the well-deserving ANSYS developers around the world.

In 2016, CADFEM India has seen growth of business from new customers purchasing ANSYS simulation tools, as well as the customers who have sought our support to do simulation or training for them. Every year such as this helps us get closer to the over-arching goal of simulation for every engineer.

New Year Resolutions, any?

Over the past few years, there is a tremendous move towards adopting simulation-driven product development in the industry. While we have seen the emergence of the Digital Twins (read this and this) on one end, we’re inching closer to democratization of simulation on the other end.

If you’re an ANSYS customer, what are your resolutions for the next year? Are you looking to evaluate a new physics in your product or combine the effects of multiple physics? If you haven’t embraced simulation-driven product development yet, then it is the perfect time to start realizing benefits of this approach. Even if you don’t believe in making New Year resolutions, that’s alright! You can still talk to us, and we’ll get you started in no time! 🙂

Looking Ahead

The new year will see us expanding our offerings to a whole new set of interesting simulation topics and activities.. all of them aligned very much with the growing interests of our customers. Release 18 of ANSYS should also be around the corner. So watch out for this space.

So with that, everyone at CADFEM India wishes you a fantastic, prosperous, simulation-rich and simulation-driven year ahead!

Happy New Year 2017 poster with snow laden field in the background

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Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas time, folks. When the year draws to a close, two things come to my mind. One is festive mood from the holiday season and the other is the year in review. Review, being retrospective, allows us to look back and celebrate the highs and ponder over the lows.

Recently CADFEM India was named to the 20 Most Promising Engineering Design & Solution Providers in India by the popular CIO Review magazine.

CIO Review logo with the listing of 20 Most Promising Engineering & Design Solution Providers 2016

These are exciting times ahead for everyone at CADFEM! While the reward was extremely fulfilling for all of us, it made us reiterate our commitment to our customers. This recognition gives us a greater responsibility to fulfill our promises.

With this, I sign off this post with the entire CADFEM team wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!Christmas greetings showing a snowman holding a gift

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Hello World!

Hello World! This marks our foray into the world of blogging.

Starting new is always exciting, isn’t it? The uncertainty of future outcome is the primary cause, I reckon. The feeling today isn’t any different.

Those who know CADFEM well will vouch for its technical superiority and strength. CADFEM in India started in 2007 and has developed into a regional powerhouse of talent and technical competence in a wide variety of topics.

As we near our tenth anniversary, this blog will act as a testament to our company’s long-standing tradition of helping companies and engineers to simulate their tomorrow. In a modest way, blog posts on this platform will aim to contribute to the knowledge to the community. In giving and sharing, there is great joy!

For it is in giving that we receive. (Francis of Assisi)

We hope you’ll enjoy reading! As is usual with our customers, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to meet and greet you.

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