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CADFEM INDIA with its rich experience organizes a variety of Webinars, Events, Conference, and Technology Days which will give you a chance to upgrade your skills. Our events offer decades of real-world engineering experience to your business productivity. Find out compact Simulation solutions for your business challenges from CADFEM Simulation professionals and know useful ANSYS features.

Nomatter if you are a CAE Expert, Construction Engineer, Student or Lecturer, CADFEM’s array of events will benefit you right from a range of practical relevance and sustainable learning, ensuring absolute success even to beginners in the field of simulation

Don’t worry !! In case if you miss any of our previous webinars, We have saved the previous webinar recordings to satisfy your needs. Just navigate to our resource library and submit your request to pick the choice of yours. Please navigate to the top of the page to find the resource library. 

DateTOPICTimeIndustryLocationEvent Type
2 December 2020Power integrity, Signal integrity and EMI Analysis with SIWave 11:30 (IST)EBUonlineWebinar
5 December 2020CADFEM ANSYS WEB SEMINAR: Explicit Simulation for Defence Applications 11:00 (IST)Mechanical BUonlineWebinar
8 December 2020Simulation-Driven Product Design with ANSYS Discovery 11:30 (IST)Mechanical BUonlineWebinar

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