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ANSYS for Fluid Dynamics

With the ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS CFX program packages, ANSYS provides two extremely powerful solutions for fluid mechanical simulations (CFD, computational fluid dynamics). These programs allow the user to find answers for practically all common fluid mechanics issues, including aerodynamics, combustion, hydrodynamics, mixing fluids, fixed bodies and gas, distribution of particles, reactive flows, and thermal transfer. Both stationary and transient flow processes can be systematically and quickly illustrated, studied, and optimized.

After the geometry import, the suitable networking for the models is selected wherein the dynamic and flexible networks are available. Assignment of limiting conditions on influence and appearance of the flow systems is done. If needed, time-based limiting conditions can be specified. After performing the calculation, the user receives a graphic preparation of the results: The graphic results of the simulation will show you how fluid flow, particle flow, heat transfer, chemical reactions, combustion, and other parameters evolve with time.

The following videos show step-by-step how to perform typical structural fluid dynamic simulations.

Networking of large and complex geometries with ANSYS fluent meshing

Accurate development of electrical drives through multiphysical simulations

Flow simulation for minimizing erosion in the development of oil and gas systems.

Simulation of gear lubrication for exact prediction of oil flow, temperature, and dry run losses.

Solution for complex combustion phenomena - from air-fuel mixture to noxious emissions.

Reliable paddle design with aeromechanical simulations for turbo machines

ANSYS info package for fluid dynamics

The ANSYS info package for fluid dynamics gives you a fast and comprehensive view of how ANSYS promotes your development processes: The leading simulation technology helps you to develop innovative and reliable products quickly and economically.

We have compiled the following information for you:


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ANSYS Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Your start in the world of simulation

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