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ANSYS AIM: Multiphysics platform for all engineers

AIM is an integrated solution for engineering simulation that includes the entire spectrum of physical domains that ANSYS offers in one user environment. AIM enhances the value of the simulation in product development because it replaces the previously customary processing of individual disciplines with a standardized, cross-application platform for everyone involved in the development process. As always when the issue is product behavior, the AIM multiphysics platform offers the tools to study the interaction of structural mechanical, fluid mechanical, thermal, or electromagnetic phenomena. This is done in one and the same environment and massively reduces the efforts for training and acclimation compared with the usual distribution of various simulation tasks to different tools. With the combination of integrated disciplines and highly intelligent degree of automation, AIM introduces a paradigm shift to simulation that saves time and resources in the development process.

The following videos provide an overview of the use of ANSYS AIM for typical simulation tasks.

ANSYS AIM Overview

ANSYS AIM Quick Tour (ANSYS How To Channel)

ANSYS AIM One Way Fluid Structure Interactions Overview (ANSYS How to Channel)

Fluid-Structure-Interaction on a RC-vehicle with ANSYS® AIM™ 

Electric-thermal-mechanical analysis in ANSYS® AIM™

ANSYS info package for Multiphysics AIM

The ANSYS info package for Multiphysics AIM gives you a fast and comprehensive view of how ANSYS promotes your development processes: The leading simulation technology helps you to develop innovative and reliable products quickly and economically.

We have compiled the following information for you:

Article ANSYS AIM – The next step
Product simulation for every engineer
Article Simulations are not just for calculation specialists
Paradigm Shift in Product Development
Article Simulation increases knowledge of the physical behavior
of the product: Integrated multiphysics
Article In-depth knowledge creates a competitive edge
Variation analysis explains physical behavior
Article SpaceClaim as an integral component of ANSYS AIM
Geometry Modeling Made Easy
Article Continuous, standardized use of scripts and journals
A New Generation of Process Automation
Article Three versions of ANSYS AIM in only nine months
Rapid Innovation

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Your start in the world of simulation

Your start in the world of simulation

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