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High-Performance Computing with ANSYS

High-performance computing (HPC) makes it possible to study complex systems in great detail and a short amount of time with the help of the numerical simulation. Unusually large models can be calculated with HPC thanks to concurrent use of processors. Detail is maintained and the quality of the result improved.

But HPC is beneficial even without extremely large models: As a result of the massive acceleration in calculation runs, results are frequently available "overnight". A license is therefore put to better use and computing-intensive technologies, like parametric or simultaneous simulation of design variations, become possible.

What is important

The success of HPC in the everyday calculating tasks depends crucially on the optimal interaction between the ANSYS software enhanced with the HPC packs and the available hardware resources – especially the processor technology. As a result, we support our customers and also incorporate our own experience as enthusiastic users of HPC for simulations into the customer's order. If our experts hit a brick wall, we consult with our partners who specialize in HPC, like MicroConsult.

ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack

The ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack licenses duplicate the ANSYS basic licenses for pre-processing, networking, equation solving, parallelization, and post-processing for simultaneous calculation of multiple variations for a parameter study. In this manner, the existing hardware can be put to much more efficient use to obtain the result sooner for all variations and thereby make the right decisions sooner.

Similar to the scaling through parallelization with the ANSYS HPC Pack licenses, the new ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack licenses offer the opportunity to achieve scaling through simultaneous variation calculation. As a result, an ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack license allows for simultaneous solving of four variations with one ANSYS Basic license (e.g., ANSYS Mechanical). Each additional ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack license doubles the number of variations that can be solved for at the same time. Up to 64 design variations can be calculated with five Parametric Pack licenses.


Hardware and IT Solutions

Simulation is more than software. The right hardware and IT infrastructure is a basic component of a powerful simulation solution. Well-coordinated interaction with the hardware significantly increases software performance and thus the scope and precision of the analysis – even with HPC applications.

Your start in the world of simulation

Your start in the world of simulation

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