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CADFEM ANSYS Extension for the design and validation of thermal engineering systems

Analytics & Numerical Simulation

The VDI Heat Atlas is the recognized standard work for the design of technical apparatus and plants in process and energy technology. Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik GmbH has converted the plant into a calculation software (LV-VDI Heat Atlas) and thus enables the user to quickly and flexibly determine all required parameters. The CADFEM engineering tool VDI-Wärmeatlas inside ANSYS now integrates this calculation software into ANSYS Workbench, combining the benefits of analytical solutions with the strengths of finite element simulation.


  • Complete integration of the calculation software LV-VDI Heat Atlas in ANSYS Workbench
  • Continuous work process from design to validation
  • Higher productivity, consistent data and avoidance of input errors
  • Plausibility check and unit conversion of the linked parameters
  • Fast variant analysis through bidirectional parameter exchange between ANSYS Workbench and LV-VDI Heat Atlas

    Analytics and numerical simulation - an ideal combination

    The VDI Heat Atlas is the recognized standard work for the design of technical apparatus and plants in process and energy technology. Especially for early phases in which no numerical simulation is feasible, the heat atlas provides all data and methods - from material properties to physical characteristics to typical designs and design calculations - to design systems efficiently and safely. The Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik GmbH has implemented the work in a software (LV-ATLAS) and allows the user to quickly access the extensive expert knowledge and to determine a suitable design using automated, analytical calculation methods.

    Integration into ANSYS Workbench provides a consistent process that enhances validation and detail analysis using FEM or CFD: the number of inputs required decreases, the consistency of design and validation calculations is assured, and model building in simulation is based on practical constraints. The consistency of analytical and numerical calculations enables rapid design studies, a good understanding of the relationships and the protection of plant properties according to the recognized state of the art.


    Fast design and validation

    The software LV-ATLAS offers all data sheets and equations in electronic form whose inputs can be defined by the user. This also affects results of calculations such. B. the performance of a heat exchanger, whereby the required design sizes are automatically calculated back. All values ​​in the design calculation in LV-ATLAS are also available for subsequent FEM and CFD calculations through the integration in ANSYS Workbench and are transferred to the numerical simulation - controlled by the user. In this way, design variants and detailed analyzes can be deliberately decoupled or synchronized - depending on the needs in the development project.

    Parameter exchange - flexible, bidirectional, secure

    At the heart of the integration between LV-ATLAS and ANSYS Workbench is the fast parameter exchange in the form of a parameter editor, which allows the user to link freely selectable parameters. For example, heat transfer coefficients based on different initial conditions in LV-ATLAS can be analytically determined and transferred to ANSYS Mechanical for use as a basis for thermal or mechanical analysis. Likewise, geometric dimensions or simulation results from ANSYS Workbench can be transferred to LV-ATLAS (such as pipe diameter or temperatures). These free combination options allow the coupling of the two tools in a wide range of applications and are the basis for an integrated work process.

    VDI Heat Atlas

    The VDI Heat Atlas has been an indispensable tool for every engineer dealing with heat transfer issues for more than 50 years. The standard work recognized in industry and engineering enables the design of technical apparatuses and systems, eg in process and energy technology. For this purpose, data are provided, calculation methods for the heat transfer in solids and fluids are explained in detail, and constructions of heat exchangers are presented. The 11th German edition, which follows a similar structure as the English edition (VDI Heat Atlas 2010), has been improved in all chapters and adapted to the state of the art. This has also allowed for the inclusion of new contributions that have undergone a comprehensive technical review process to provide the user with the highest level of security,

    Publisher: VDI-Gesellschaft Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering, Dusseldorf, Germany
    ISBN 978-3-642-19980-6

    Partner presentation Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik

    Through the cooperation of CADFEM and Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik you profit from the bundling of know how and knowledge on all sides. We have combined this knowledge for you in the joint product VDI Wärmeatlas inside ANSYS.Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is a highly specialized engineering company whose calculation software for thermal process engineering as well as apparatus engineering and pipeline construction has been used worldwide since 1978.

    Your start in the world of simulation

    Your start in the world of simulation

    • Introduce simulation safely
    • 4 steps to be operational
    • Accompaniment throughout the process


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