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Cloud computing with ANSYS – secure, flexible, and immediately available

With the CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud, CADFEM customer have an alternative to buying, and like the software eCADFEM they can also use the hardware performance as a flexible lease solution with the tried and tested CADFEM service. From temporarily increasing the computing power to the sporadic use of HPC technology to expanding the capacity of your data center, there are many reasons to get ANSYS structural mechanical solutions and ANSYS CFD and computing services from the cloud as an individual complete package, as a full-fledged interactive 3D workplace that is customized, flexible, reliable, and secure – and above all, from a single source.

The CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud is operated by CADFEM with the support of its partners: HP, NICE DCV, and SPIRIT/21

Why cloud computing?

Many calculation engineers successfully use HPC platforms (High Performance Computing) in combination with ANSYS. But high performance calculation has still not been established everywhere in industry and research. ANSYS is often still used on a restricted IT infrastructure with limited capability. Oftentimes there is no access to fast, modern hardware. In addition, the prerequisites on the side of the software and hardware are not given or there is a lack of knowledge of how to configure and operate infrastructure suitable for very simulation-specific requirements. This is particularly the case for selecting the right server configuration and for setting up tools for efficient 3D visualization or managing remote solving.

High Performance Computing with ANSYS

High performance computing (HPC) makes it possible to study complex systems in great detail and a short amount of time with the help of the numerical simulation. Unusually large models can be calculated with HPC thanks to concurrent use of processors. Detail is maintained and thus the quality of the result is improved.

But HPC is beneficial even without extremely large models: As a result of the massive acceleration in calculation runs, results are frequently available "overnight". A license is therefore put to better use and computing-intensive technologies, like parametric or simultaneous simulation of design variations, become possible.

The advantages of the CADFEM cloud

CAE users have the option of adding and immediately using a virtual infrastructure at the click of a button to increase their productivity. There is no need for time-consuming procurement and set-up of in-house IT infrastructure.

The server infrastructure provided can be used for background processes, like solving simulation tasks, as well as for interactive 3D work like model preparation, networking and evaluation, thereby covering the entire spectrum of hardware requirements.

The CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud is a "German" cloud. Of course the users are kept strictly separate from each other as well as from the outside. As a result, their data stays well-protected.

The CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud is made available as a service. CAE users need neither concern themselves with the provision or the operation, and they can focus fully on the actual simulation.

In order to solve calculation tasks together more quickly, joint processing can be done upon request with an experienced calculation engineer from CADFEM.

The CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud is operated by CADFEM with support from partners HP, NICE DCV and Spirit/21.

Your start in the world of simulation

Your start in the world of simulation

  • Introduce simulation safely
  • 4 steps to be operational
  • Accompaniment throughout the process


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